Instagram Marketing and Coaching for Creative Businesses.

Are you a Creative Business Owner who is feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to post and how on Instagram? Are you unsure how to use this fantastic social media platform to grow an engaged community, promote your business, make sales and do it your way? 

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Sophie, a professionally trained Social Media Coach and Trainer, specialising in Instagram. I’m here to share my knowledge and the techniques I use everyday on Instagram with you, to help you create content that connects with your customers, promotes your creative business, builds your sales and enables you to do it your way!

I am here to help take away any feelings of overwhelm about using Instagram, and support you, so you know how to market your creative business, make it simple and give you the time you need to spend on other areas of your creative business and your life. I want you to have the best foundations and master and enjoy Instagram.

I can help you:

⚪ Know what to post to attract your ideal customer and have the confidence to do it your way

⚪ Build an engaged Instagram Community

⚪ Know how to generate leads and grow your sales

⚪ Know how to use Stories, Reels, Lives to improve engagement, visibility and sales

⚪ Learn the tips that will make Instagram work for you

⚪ Know how to use Instagram Shopping to grow your business

⚪ Use apps that will help make Instagram easier, less time consuming and fun.

⚪ Feel confident and eager to put into action what we have worked through together.

I will be by your side all the way, if it’s simply to answer a few questions and get you back up and running with confidence or create a strategy with you or on your behalf.

To find out more about how I can help make Instagram work for your Creative Business do Book A Free 30 Minute Call and let’s chat it through.