“What an artist is trying to do for people is bring them closer to something, because of course art is about sharing: you wouldn’t be an artist if you didn’t want to share an experience, a thought.” David Hockney

And that’s want I want you to learn and become confident in doing on Instagram. Sharing your creative work, growing an engaged following and making sales.

Let’s be honest sharing can be hard, especially on Instagram and especially if you are unsure what works to connect with your audience, promote your work and make sales.

Instagram, when used well has the power to help you make new connections, grow a strong community of engaged followers, promote your business, grow your business and make sales.

And all you may need is a guiding hand from someone who knows (that’s me!) what works, who uses it every day and can give you the strategies to make it work for your business and enable you to know how to use each part of this platform with ease and enjoyment and importantly do it your way.

How I Got Here

Since launching SociallySophieB in March 2019, I have worked with small businesses in the creative and coaching world with high levels of success and fantastic feedback.

Working with creative business owners who are just starting out on Instagram and with business owners who want to advance their knowledge.

I’ve experienced the power of Social Media first hand! It helped me change my career, build a business and get my life back! You see I’ve been there, I’ve gone from technophobe, to technophile!

In 2018, after ill health I changed careers from Social Work Team Manager to Social Media Marketing Coach and Trainer! Completing my training with the Award Winning TechPixies.

My knowledge and experience of coaching people for decades means I am able to support you to learn and develop your knowledge of Instagram Marketing more effectively, whilst understanding how to work with and really connect with your audience.

I will help you feel in charge and confident to use Instagram to Market your business.

Community Matters

I have a strong belief in building and being a part of strong, diverse Communities, which led me to create Small Business Lives. Designed to help small creative businesses showcase their brand, connect with other creatives, become confident in telling their story, be visible and use Lives on Social Media.

A Little Bit About Me

The creative world is one I love, with a passion for photography, design, painting, jewellery, music and crafts. I love the colour pink, a colour of hope, passion, joy and loyalty and see numbers and emotions in colour.

You’ll often find me taking photos in London with my dog Amber The Cav Repawter Therapy Dog extraordinaire, fun loving, tail wagging fur ball. Or meandering through galleries and exhibitions big and small.

You’ll find me on Instagram rather a lot, building communities and being a part of communities that are doing good, promoting creatives and #socialforgood.

And last but no means least I am all about encouraging people to look after their mental wellbeing and that means taking time away from Instagram, which is why I love helping creative business owners know how to market their creative business, make it simple and give them the time they need to spend on other areas of their creative business and life.

If you would like to talk through what you are finding difficult about Instagram and find out how I can help, then why not book a time for us to have a Chat. I can help you unpick what is going on and work out what you need to do next to make Instagram more simple, enjoyable and effective.

And if you simply want to come and ask me a question on Instagram then just click here and DM me.

And Remember. Whatever you decide, Keep Being Fabulous!

Sophie x