Relaxed environment to discuss my business, seems to have allowed others to see the real me. I feel it has helped people approach me since they have been ‘introduced’ to me. I have planned collaborations with 2 other businesses and gained numerous contacts from viewers

Doing a live with Sophie helped me feel validated in what I was doing as a business and that there was an audience that wanted to discover what this young business had to offer! It gave me great exposure and welcomed me into an amazing community of small businesses supporting each other!

I really enjoyed doing a live with Sophie. She puts you at ease straight away and you chat about your business while answering some excellent well thought out questions which make the conversation flow. Speaking to Sophie is always a delight, I talked about my why and my motivations and what inspires me and I connected and gained new followers too.

Mini Profile Audit

I approached Sophie for a mini audit of my IG account as I was feeling rather lost. Sophie was so encouraging about what I was doing well and was thoughtful and practical in showing me areas for improvement and development. Her report was detailed and highly implementable. I would definitely work with Sophie again and would recommend her services.

Exceeded My Expectations

Sophie was able to grasp my objectives better than I could explain and the result was an amazing detailed resourceful audit that will make changes to my business. Instead of frustration and I’m excited to get to work. The detail of information and ideas received exceeded my expectations.

360 Approach

Working with Sophie was absolutely amazing for my business. She got me to do a 360 on my approach and really focus on what is important to my audience. The wealth of information I got was absolutely transformational. I highly recommend Sophie as I feel you get more than you expect. I felt as if I was with my big sister, she checked on me, from the first session I was fired up and ready to go!

Just Do IT

I was totally lost with Instagram. I had no idea what to post and why and had forgotten all the fundamentals and had fallen out of love with it. I felt I could go on no longer with no direction. Sophie is very approachable and friendly. She knows her subject matter and was able to take the fear out of Instagram and rather than a bog standard this is what you do, the Coaching Sessions were tailored to my needs.  I think that was super!

I have always been so conscious and shy to do it, but Sophie gave me the courage and what better to start with than on her series of #SmallBusinessLives. She is such a business coach as well as a fabulous supporter of small businesses which is why I am already episode 39 on the list. It has definitely given me a boost of confidence and it shows, if you don’t try you won’t know what will happen

I enjoyed doing the Live and it has lead to increased visibility with an increase in followers and invites to guest on podcasts.  People want to make connections, hear stories that relate to their journeys. Especially in a time where human contact has been denied. The experience has encouraged me to develop my own ideas for IGTV Lives on my own page. It was a lovely experience to chat with Sophie and I look forward to more conversations in the future.

I was recently invited to take part in an instagram live with Sophie which was a delight. I had been slightly nervous beforehand but Sophie put me at my ease and asked some very interesting questions. I think she enabled me to tell people things about my business and myself that they may not have been aware of and certainly helped people learn more about the face behind the business which is so important these days. I got some lovely feedback during and after the live and I would be very happy to do it again. Sophie is passionate about working with small businesses and that shines through in everything she does.