Sophie helps you get to the core of what you feel about the carefully crafted questions she asks – it feels like a coaching experience, you feel in really safe hands. I came out of the whole experience knowing more about myself and what I want to do with my business!  It has been extremely worthwhile in business terms, my Instagram attracted more followers post interview and I had such positive and uplifting comments from people that had attended the live and also watched it afterwards on IGTV.  I urge everyone to take their turn at this. Sophie is running an incredible service for us all! YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

I was pretty nervous to speak on my first live. I needn’t have been as Sophie is a wonderful interviewer. Someone who really puts you at ease, genuinely believes in and champions your work and makes you giggle at the same time! Since going live I have had several student enquiries which have turned into ongoing lessons. I would not have had these opportunities if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone. Small Business Lives has been amazing for me, and I’ve continued to watch and enjoy them do the same for so many other wonderful business owners.

Scheduling and Planning

I couldn’t recommend Sophie enough. I expected a few pointers and a bunch of info I already knew. Instead I learnt an awful lot of valuable skills. We talked through my target audience, tone of copy and visuals (like colours and branding). Putting everything together really gave me a clear picture moving forward. All in all, I have been incredibly impressed by what I have learned from Sophie. She really knows what she is doing and she is really very good at it.


Sophie is incredibly passionate about social media but more importantly the transformation of the individuals she works with. She is passionate about helping small business owners gain confidence with social media and as such has been a top notch social media coach for TechPixies for several years. Her contribution to the curriculum and the community as a whole have been outstanding. And she has gone above and beyond what is expected. I am proud to call her a friend and colleague

Power Hour Testimonial

The Power Hour with Sophie was fantastic. Sophie dived straight in with a pre-prepared presentation and really honed down on the things I wanted help with. She even demonstrated how to put together a snazzy story and how to utilise all the hashtags, who knew! Since then I’ve been using stories to show different sides of me and had the most engagement I’ve ever had with my content!It seems people are interested in my world outside of being a Life Coach. Great mix of strategy advice and practical tips .Thank you Sophie

One to One Coaching

Sophie set up a one to one zoom workshop with me which was lots of fun, full of information and practical tips that most importantly I could get started with straight away. She helped me with posts, suggestions and more. As a result my following doubled in a month, I have more interaction and even had new patients signing up to my online Pilates classes and virtual Physiotherapy consultations- so I am delighted and I really couldn’t recommend working with Sophie more.

Six Week Coaching

We worked together over 6 weeks and started by looking in detail at my brand and values. Having done a thorough audit of my Instagram and Facebook accounts, Sophie offered lots of practical advice and tips on how to improve all aspects of it including posts, stories. She provided me with tons of information about Instagram and Facebook as well as regular Zoom calls and email support which was invaluable. Thank you Sophie!


Sophie has been amazing. I approached her very last minute as I was due to start my big product launch and she managed to assess and come up with an action plan very quickly. Not only was it quick, but she provided me with loads of very thorough material to take away with as well as talking through a load of todos. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She did really push me out of my comfort in a good way and I definitely got a lot more engagement and followers which led to an amazing launch and lots of sales.

Social Media Strategy

Sophie took the time to really understand my business, my audience and my particular needs, and help me put together a detailed strategy to move forward, and I think that was instrumental in how much value I’ve gained from our time working together. 


The workshop was packed full of great content and information and with the follow up Q and A session a week later gave me the time to take on board and implement the content to suit my business before double checking and revisiting some content that may have escaped me! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any course or workshop that Sophie runs and will definitely be attending more of them.